The Creation of Phoenix Capital Management (PCM)
The creation of Phoenix Capital Management (PCM) was at the initiative of African specialists in asset management and financial engineering, associated with leading institutional investors, whose portfolio of financial assets is estimated at more than 500 million euros (approximately F CFA 328 billion).
Approval under PCM No.-01/2005 of PCM
Approval under the PCM n ° SGP-01/2005 by the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF) of PCM as Asset Management Company.
Accreditation as a Management and Intermediary Company
Approval as a Management Company and Intermediary under the No. SGI / 08-01 with a capital of 150 million FCFA, and a member of the Regional Exchange of Securities of Africa of the UEMOA (BRVM).
Creation of its subsidiary "PCM CAPITAL ADVISORS"
Creation of its subsidiary "PCM CAPITAL ADVISORS", whose main purpose is to provide advice, support for venture capital funds, joint venture capital fund mutual funds and / or other forms of private equity. Subsequently, on August 17, 2011, "PCM CAPITAL ADVORS" set up its first fund called "West Africa Emerging Markets Growth Fund".
Creation of its subsidiary "PhoenixAfrica Asset Management (PAM)"
Creation of its subsidiary "PhoenixAfrica Asset Management (PAM)", which is a Management Company for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (SGO) approved by CREPMF. PAM's exclusive purpose is the "Collective Investment in Transferable Securities". The company serves a demanding clientele of retail and financial institutions for which it develops customized investment strategies based on its range of financial vehicles.
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